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Is this source creadible?


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  • Who is providing the information?
  • What do you know about him/her and his/her credentials?
  • Is he/she an expert?
  • Can you find out more and contact him/her?
  • Search for author or publisher in search engine. Has the author written several publications on the topic?


  • Is there a sponsor or affiliation?
  • Who is linking to the page?
  • Do they take responsibility for the content?


  • Is the language free of emotion?
  • Does the organization or author indicate there will be bias?
  • Is the purpose of the website to inform or to spread an agenda?
  • Are there ads? Are they trying to make money?
  • Why did they write the article?
  • (Website) Is the site a content farm? A content farm is a site whose content has been generated by teams of low-paid freelancers who write large amounts of text to raise the site’s search engine rankings.


  • Copy and paste a sentence into Google to see if the text can be found elsewhere.
  • (Website) Are there links to related sites? Are they organized?
  • Are there citations or a bibliography provided?


  • Is the data verifiable and accurate?


  • Is the source comprehensive?


  • When was the source last updated?
  • Does the source even have a date?


  • Is the source professional?
  • Does it seem like current design?


  • Was it reproduced? If so, from where? Type a sentence in Google to verify.
  • If it was reproduced, was it done so with permission? Copyright/disclaimer included?

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